World of 21st century, with the passage of time have transformed into the distinct structure and definition. Awareness and active life of people in this era are functioned to possess an access to empowerment of every ways. The discrimination and the negative impacts present in the society are aimed to bring an end to it. The definition and clear working strategies of every G/NGOs, private sectors, political parties, business agencies and organizations, institutional organizations and local agencies is of utmost importance. With commitment on all these issues and for peace, harmony and social change, this organization is established by the committed youths. Initially our activities focused for the women, children and youths from deprived section of the society.

Date of establishment:  2062/01/22 BS. (2005-05-05AD)

Affiliated to Social Welfare Council, Nepal: 2062/03/05 BS. (2005-06-19AD)

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