• To advocate and conduct the awareness program for human rights, democracy and good governance promotion in society.
  • To take initiative on social inclusion process of the gender, caste and regionally disadvantaged and deprived groups.
  • To carry out awareness, counselling and rehabilitation programs on HIV/AIDS, Drug addiction and trafficking related issues.
  • To conduct community focused, especially for women and unemployed youth, income generation and self-employ skill development program for their economic and social sustainability.
  • To promote participatory activities in the field of infrastructure such as education, health services, sports, science, technology and alternative energy.
  • To conduct the different program on the issue of reproductive health, sexual right and safe motherhood.
  • To take initiative for the rights of internal and external migrant workers and domestic child workers.
  • To conduct the different environment protection and eco-tourism based programs.
  • To provide a collective action of help during the time of natural disaster and social conflict.
  • To organize Monitoring, advocating and awareness campaign program during the local, National and international election and after the election.
  • Have to Add
  • To provide skill development and income generating training for women and deprived group of the society.
  • To help mentally disable children and their parents by providing hand-craft training
  • To help in educational activities for mentally disable children and landless children in different school and communities.
  • To promote Information collaborations and Constructive communication between NGOs, to develop effective partnership with each other.
  • To serve non-profit organisations, charities, grassroots and community groups, educational and research institutions.
  • Sharing of ideas among NGOs and development agents.

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