Target Groups and Major Strengths

Target Group

Youth, Women and Children are the main target group of this organization. Especially our program focuses ethnic groups, disabled and elderly citizens of marginalized and deprived section of society.

Major Strengths

  • It has strong network with local and national level youth organizations in Nepal.
  • Led by highly committed and strongly motivated youth members.
  • It is internally participatory. Therefore, its members feel self-ownership and empowered. Sustainable approach: Our programmes are designed to bring changes in the system by empowering the sovereign authorities.
  • Self-Ruling: It is not involved with any particular political, religious and ethnical interest groups. So it is autonomous.
  • Transparency: It has regular evaluation and monitoring system, strong and fair accounts and administration.

Primary Attentions Subjects:

  • Youth Rights, Respect and Responsibility.
  • Peace, Democracy and Human Rights.
  • Networking, capacity building, coordination and co-work with different organizations.
  • Education, Health, and Sustainable development.
  • Gender, Cast and Regional Discrimination.
  • Search, Research and Public advocacy.

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